Baby feeder

My son is now ready to eat solid food and I am thinking if we should do the spoon feeding thing or baby led weaning thing. The spoon feeding thing had been a tried and tested methods for ages (so why change if it works fine, right?) but the baby led weaning thing sounds modern and up-to-date and is said to have a lot of benefits. I’m just concerned that if we do the latter, wouldn’t my baby choke on food chunks if they aren’t mashed? And then I saw this baby feeder which allows the baby to chew whole foods safely without the risk of choking. They can even eat meat with it!

So how exactly does this baby feeder work? Well, according to its product description, you just “simply put a piece of fruit, vegetables or meat into the mesh bag and snap shut”. And then the baby can suck or even chew on the small and digestible pieces that can come through the mesh. Bones, seeds and pieces large enough for the baby to swallow will remain inside the mesh so there’s technically no choking hazard.

So … what do you think? Check out this baby feeder product and let me know your thoughts!

Baby feeder

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