Baby hat with radiation shielding fabric

When I became a mom, my shopping list centered around my baby. Rarely do I buy anything for myself anymore, and when I do, the item would have something to do with the baby. There were things that I purchased that turned out to be useless (for us), like infant belly binders. Now, I’ve been deciding on whether it is necessary or just plain silly to buy my baby a hat that shields radiation.

In this day and age, babies are exposed to everyday radiation from laptops, cellphones and other devices. This product claims to shield the baby’s brain from (harmful?) radiation as it is made from a “highly conductive silver textile with similar shielding properties to a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum”. Wow. I’m lost for words. Either their claim has a true scientific basis or they’re just using those words for marketing. Nevertheless, the hat looks cute so it shouldn’t matter if it protects from radiation or not. (At least it protects from cold weather, I guess.)

Interested in the hat? You may purchase one online through this link.

Baby hat with radiation shield

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