Bamboo keyboard and mouse

If plastic or metal are not your thing, why not try bamboo? Bamboo not only for your wristwatch but for your keyboard and mouse as well. They’re out of the ordinary, long-lasting, and most of all, eco-friendly.

I think having a bamboo keyboard and mouse is cool but I wouldn’t be jumping to replace my existing keyboard and mouse just yet. I’m just not ready yet. But there are many things to consider like it’s extremely noticeable, especially in the office where one could be popular because of it. Also, it is handcrafted so you’re like helping the artisan who has poured his blood, sweat and tears if you avail of this product.

If you think you are ready for a keyboard and mouse made out of bamboo, and if you’re running on Windows (not Mac) follow this link and enjoy the compliments of your co-workers.

Bamboo keyboard and mouse

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