Beard bib

Guys! Here is something to consider when “Movember” is over. There is no need to make a mess out of shaving your facial hair anymore. All you need is a beard bib and your hair clippings will go from your face and straight into the trash can. The sink will be clean and your wife will be happy! It’s practically a marriage saver!

Aside from reducing the task of cleaning up after shaving, the beard bib is also easy to use. Simply unfold the self-packing pouch, attach the neck strap to your, um, neck, and secure the beard bib to the mirror with the suction cups. There is also a built-in tray table for your grooming tools and accessories. Later, after shaving or trimming your beard or moustache, carefully remove the suction cups, throw the hair clippings straight into the trash can, fold the beard bib back into the pouch and put your grooming tools and accessories inside the pouch. It’s so neat and organized – you can even bring it everywhere!

If you’re as excited as I am to get this as a present to your husband or significant other, here is where you can buy a beard bib.

Beard bib

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