Bottle medicine dispenser

If there’s anything that my son hates in his little infant world, it’s his vitamins. He makes a disgusted face when we feed them to him using a medicine dropper. He spits them out and makes a mess on his face, hands and clothes. So when I saw The Medicator on the internet, I wonder if it really helps make the medicine go down. Anyway, it claims to be the best selling liquid medicine dispenser in America.

As I see it, a bottle medicine dispenser might help in making the medicine go down because it allows the baby to swallow the liquid inside the bottle. The Medicator is also said to bypass the baby’s taste buds “so there’s less spitting up and gagging”. Really? If so, then this could be the solution to our problem. I honestly don’t believe everything I see on the internet so I think I better ask my pediatrician for her opinion first.

If you believe in The Medicator and would like to give it a try, you can get one through this link. I’d be happy if you’d also let me know if it works for you!

Bottle medicine dispenser

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