Cardboard smartphone projector

A few years ago, I attended a film photography class where we made our own pinhole camera out of cardboard and duct tape. I wasn’t able to develop the photos I took (wasn’t able to consume the whole roll of film) but I enjoyed the process of DIY-ing my camera. It feels rewarding to be able to create something functional out of a simple material. So when I stumbled upon this smartphone projector on the internet, I thought it was interesting because it, too, is made of cardboard.

Aren’t electronics that are supposed to be made out of metal or plastic but are made out of paper products so cool? Not only is it cheap(er) but it also is fun to use. This product is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, has up to 8x magnification, and is lightweight so it’s easy to carry anywhere. It’s easier to assemble than my pinhole camera; all that is needed is glue!

If you’re as curious about this smartphone projector as I am, follow this link!

Cardboard smartphone projector
Popcorn not included.

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