DJ dining set

I have never been a fan of hip hop music but after watching The Get Down on Netflix, I have come away with a new found appreciation for the art of spinning. I mean, being a DJ is serious business and requires mad skills. And to acquire those skills, you’ve got to start ’em young. Expose them to turntables and other DJ equipment while they’re still kids. Like, in the dining table … I think that’s what this DJ dining set is for!

Telling your kids not to play with your food does not mean they can’t still have fun during meal time. Especially if your kid is one that is difficult to feed. This DJ dining set has movable knobs and a slider, and a spork that’s shaped like a tonearm. The best thing that I – an adult – think is the coolest? The rotating turntable plate!

To give your kid’s dinner a spin, check out this fun and interactive DJ dining set.

DJ dining set

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