Dome umbrella

Picture yourself walking down the street on the way to a client meeting (or a date), wearing your most impressive outfit. Suddenly, the rain begins to pour. Heavily. Making matters worse, the wind gets stronger and there isn’t any place nearby that provides shelter. A passerby opens his (regular) umbrella but it flips, leaving him drenched. Fortunately, you have a dome umbrella and just like magic, it keeps you dry and protected from the elements. Furthermore, because it is transparent, you can clearly see if you’re about to walk onto a puddle. Best of all, the dome shape keeps you from being poked in the face by other people’s umbrellas. Thank goodness for this invention!

The dome umbrella has been around for some time and is attracting attention not because of its function but because of the fashion. I myself want one because I find it cute (it looks like a bubble!) and trendy. It is also transparent so it goes with whatever you are wearing that day.

So why let the rain ruin your style? Let’s go and get ourselves a dome umbrella like the Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella available in this link.

Dome umbrella

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