First give everyone the UGG under the science

First give everyone the UGG under the science, there is no precondition, how can you say that people are ugly, is it?

Many people think that UGG is a brand. In fact, it should be regarded as the general name of snow boots. In addition, everyone likes Australia’s purchase. It is considered that Australians are the first to make UGG all over the country. This is not true. The UGG brand in Australia is indeed scattered, but UGG was the first to do it. The Americans, a few Americans, saw Australian locals wearing this snow boots and felt that there was a business opportunity. They immediately registered UGG Australia (hahahaha, with the name of Australia, did you feel that you were Deceived feelings, but only a few UGG factories in Australia joined forces and Americans tore up the lawsuit, and the result turned out to be UGG in Australia.

In addition to the newly mentioned UGG Australia is not a local Australian brand, if you want authentic UGG, you can go to EMU Australia, this Australia is a real Australian brand. UGG is also a good choice, the real Australian brand, has a high sales volume in local Australia. Because the after-sales service point has been established in China, the quality is guaranteed. The most UGG brand of the year, Shearers UGG, rest assured, is also the Australian domestic goods you want. This brand is characterized by the rough looks of the boots, Europe and America. The star’s favorite. There is also Jumbo Ugg, the brand of Melbourne, the choice of color is more, of course, it is better to choose it. However, there are also JUMBOUGG in China. The difference between the products of Tuao and China is the space between words.

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After talking about the UGG brand, let’s talk about why UGG is ugly. The authentic UGG is a sheep fur, so we can’t avoid occupying a small space on the foot. In addition, UGG’s sole is a bit like a platform shoe (also a The controversial shoes), the soles are thick and look dull and doubled, so some people say that they can wear the long legs into five or five cents. I don’t object at all. There are quite a few examples.