Free-hand baby bottle holder

Oh my gosh. Parents! Is feeding your baby taking up a lot of your precious time? Better Family, Inc (who?) has the solution for you. Introducing: The Beebo. The Beebo is a baby bottle holder that is worn over the shoulder (like a shoulder bag) and rests on the chest to support a feeding bottle, thus allowing the person feeding the baby to multitask while feeding the baby. It was invented by a dad who’s also an engineer who wants his hands free while he’s feeding his baby.

Do you think I need one? Because right now, I’m typing with one hand and cradling/nursing my baby with the other. (Skills!) Oh, wait. I’m breastfeeding. Yes, now I see it – that’s how The Beebo works. It imitates breastfeeding, where one hand/arm is cradling the baby while the other hand is free to do anything else (caressing the baby, reading to the baby, checking your phone, working etc).

If you desperately need an extra hand, I won’t stop you from giving it a try. Actually, why don’t you get one through this link. Who knows … you might like it – or you might not – let me know how it goes!

Free-hand baby bottle holder

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