Ikea coloring book

This is something I’ve heard about some time ago but I didn’t really pay much attention because I refused to join the adult coloring book bandwagon back then. Call me a hipster (FYI: I totally hate that term) but I find it ridiculous to jump into whatever is the latest craze just because everybody (including Justin Bieber) is doing it. Unless of course I’m really interested in it. Like if it’s something from Ikea.

I love Ikea products for their simplicity (even if they’re said to have only a short lifespan) and functionality (talk about easily ‘hackable’ too). Our home used to be like an Ikea showroom but as we grew more mature (and with a baby on the way), we have invested on more durable furniture. But that hasn’t stopped me from loving Ikea. While we haven’t purchased any Ikea product in over a year, I still look at their catalogs. I imagine myself rearranging rooms in our house to make them look Ikea catalog-worthy – you know, cluttered but still organized. So the next best thing I could do right now is to color Ikea’s downloadable sheets of coloring pages, cut those little pieces of furniture (and other Ikea stuff), arrange them in a scrapbook and paste them to make it look as if I’ve designed an Ikea room on my own. (Ooh, crafty but not too mainstream, yeah!)

Ikea’s coloring pages are available to download for free here. Enjoy!

Ikea coloring book

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