Inverted/reverse folding umbrella

Here comes another umbrella that’s even better than what I’ve posted before. This one isn’t about fashion; it’s more about function. Actually, I learned about the inverted umbrella from a guy who’s so much into guy stuff (because men always do things upside down, or something similar to what Batgirl said). Not only is this umbrella inverted, but it also closes from the inside out. “Perfect for the car,” the guy says.

So what good is an inverted umbrella? Well, the guy has a point. Compared to a regular umbrella, it is easier to close when you’re getting into a car. And because the outer side goes inside when the umbrella is closed, it remains dry when folded. Also, there are no protruding ribs and spokes on the umbrella, so nothing gets caught or poked. I’m just not sure if it flips when the wind is strong because, you know, it already is inverted.

Anyway, I found one on the internet that has the night sky on the inside (or on the outside when folded close). Check out the link – I’m sure that not only guys, but also ladies, would enjoy the inverted umbrella.

Inverted umbrella

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