Jack Daniel’s chocolate bar

Jack Daniel’s has chocolate bars? This can’t be true! But oh, so it is … they’re Swiss milk chocolate bars filled with the iconic taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. Brought to you by Goldkenn of Switzerland, famous for those premium ‘Goldbar’ chocolates that you often see at duty-free shops. Thank you, Goldkenn!

It’s the first time I’ve heard about it but, apparently, Goldkenn has been making alcohol-infused chocolates together with Jack Daniel’s, Rémy Martin and other international liquor brands for quite some time now. I’m curious to know what these chocolate bars taste like. Especially Jack. Heck, that whiskey goes with a lot of stuff!

If you’re as curious as I am, there’s no need for you to go to a duty-free store. You can get a Jack Daniel’s chocolate bar right through this link!

Jack Daniel's chocolate bar

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