LED earrings

Shine bright like a diamond … not! In fact, your earrings aren’t shiny enough if they don’t shine the way these LED earrings do. No, they’re not even half as close as being the center of attention if they don’t light like tiny flashlights. And they’re not the coolest if they can’t be worn anytime, anywhere.

Made from stainless steel with cubic zirconia stone, these LED earrings run on an LR521 button battery. The light can be switched off on days that you don’t want the attention, and switched on again during party mode. Or you could just have it on all the time. Right? I mean, where’s the fun if you don’t turn the lights on!

If you want your ears to stand out in a crowd of boring, non-glowing ears, follow this link to see where you could get a pair of LED earrings.

LED earrings

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