Magnetic screen door

People usually poke fun at products sold on TV, but there’s this one product that – although also marketed ridiculously – actually caught my husband’s interest. It’s now the perfect season to bring the outdoors in, and a magnetic screen door would come in handy since we do not want those pesky bugs to also come in.

So after a few laughs and realizing that a magnetic screen door could actually work for our back door, we ordered one online. However, the product we got was a rip-off that was made in China, not the one that was described in the website. It does have magnets that make the screen ‘door’ open and close automatically, but it had gaps. It does have Velcro and tacks to keep the mesh up, but they were of substandard quality. Furthermore, the mesh had patches that were just sewn in and the length of the whole thing was shorter than the one advertised in the website! Boo!

That’s why when ordering any product online, we have to make sure that the product is exactly what is says in the product description and information. Let’s check the customer reviews and the seller’s profile (seller information and feedback). It can also help if the product has a high rating, like the one in this link.

Magnetic screen door

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