Magnetic word tiles

I enjoyed writing poems as a teenager. I used to write light and witty ones – just a play of words – not those long and serious ones. I had a notebook full of poems I wrote, which nobody has seen until now. I think it would’ve been more fun to play with words and display them on the fridge for people to see.

So I remember something I found on the internet some time ago. It’s a little box of words with magnets. These words can be formed into phrases that can be formed into poetry. There’s even a variation of the kit which contains hip hop words that can be formed into rap songs. Cool, isn’t it?

Not only is it cool but also enhances the vocabulary and creativity of people from every age. It is a good channel for people to express their feelings so it’s surely a hit to teens undergoing their rebellious or emo stage, or to adults undergoing their quarter-life or mid-life crisis. Anyway, it makes a great gift idea, right?

To buy the original magnetic poetry kit online, click here.

Magnetic word tiles

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