Monogram necklace

I often see photos of celebrities wearing necklaces with pendants looking like looping, overlapping letters. I looked it up and found out that those necklaces are called monogram necklaces and those letters are probably the owner’s initials. Probably, because while the owner’s initials are commonly used in monograms, monogram necklaces are personalized pieces of jewelry that can be fully customized depending on the owner’s preference. However, I also found out that there exists an etiquette on how to design a monogram … a classic monogram, I mean.

While there is no right or wrong design (as I said, it all depends on the owner’s preference), a classic three-letter monogram places the initial of the owner’s first name on the left, middle name on the right, and last name in the center. For married couples, the proper etiquette is to place the initial of the wife’s first name on the left, the husband’s first name on the right, and the couple’s last name in the center. Brides should never use their married monogram until after the wedding. In terms of sizes, the letter in the center is usually bigger than the ones on the left and on the right.

There are several online stores that sell personalized monogram necklaces. The one in this link makes them in solid sterling silver.

Monogram necklace

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