No-tie shoelaces

Move over, Velcro! There’s a new way of fastening shoes that doesn’t involve tying shoelaces. Introducing … the technology of elastic shoelaces! All you have to do is to snap them securely through the holes of your sneakers and you’re good to go!

Personally, I enjoy tying shoelaces in unconventional ways: display lacing, the hidden knot, the ladder and more. But for those who find it challenging to lace their shoes (kids and adults), elastic shoelaces are perfect for you. Unlike Velcro, they don’t get accidentally attached to your socks or sweater. They are also – in a way – stylish, depending on the color(s) that you choose. Most of all, they are not difficult at all to put on.

What I found on the internet today are pastel colored elastic shoelaces for kids from 5 to 12. Do check them out!

Elastic shoelaces

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