Pilot Bottle to Pen (B2P) gel pens

Ever wonder what happens to those plastic water bottles after they have been used? Some people recycle them by either refilling them again with drinking water, using them as a flower vase or plant holder, cutting them out for some crafty project etc. What Pilot did was that they turned them into retractable gel roller pens … because that’s what they’re good at.

While a lot of companies have been (silently) using recycled materials for their products, Pilot went loud with their Earth-saving efforts by marketing the B2P pens as the world’s first pens made from recycled bottles.

The pens come in a variety of colors but according to Pilot, “with Pilot B2P Colors gel ink pens you can go green no matter which color you choose.”

This caught my attention, not because they seem one of a kind, but because I am fond of collecting colored pens.

Now you and I can have our own pack of five assorted color gel roller pens by clicking this link. Let’s do this; we can save Mother Earth in return!

Pilot B2P retractable gel roller pens

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