Poop power bank

It stinks to run out of battery while you’re hunting down monsters or blasting space bubbles in your smartphone. And ain’t it crap if you’re in the middle of an important phone call then suddenly your phone dies? Well here’s a solution when sh_t like that happens … a poop power bank to keep your smartphone’s battery charged.

It’s not the kind of poop that you’re probably imagining it to look like. It’s the poop emoji, that cute brown thing with two big eyes and a smiling mouth. The power bank is compatible with most smartphones, but if you have an Apple device, I’m sorry but you have to provide your own lightning cable. According to the product description, normal charging time is around six to seven hours.

If you don’t mind carrying around poop wherever you go, here is where you can get a poop power bank.

Poop power bank

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