Science Kombat

Ever wondered what it would be like if Albert Einstein kicked the heck out of Stephen Hawking’s butt? (You would probably answer, What am I, a geek? to which I would reply, Oh c’mon, each one of us is a closet geek! and you would nod your head in agreement.)

Seriously, what if the greatest scientists in history battled against each other in a Street Fighter style one-on-one combat? What do you think would be Charles Darwin’s unique power? How would you think Pythagoras would win against Nikola Tesla? Well, the guys from Brazil-based Superinteressante could give us a picture, as they released a game called Science Kombat which we could all play in our web browser.

Science Kombat

The game features eight of history’s greatest minds, each one having special moves depending on their contribution to science. For example, Marie Curie can shoot her opponent a radioactive projective. There are options for single play or tournament play, in which the latter has a final stage where your character fights against the “Boss”. Who is the “Boss”? Find out yourself by playing the game through the following link:

P.S. This is not an April Fools’ joke. I really did enjoy beating Sir Isaac Newton.

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