Statement (maternity) shirt

Online shopping is the best invention. Anywhere and everywhere, with just a simple click or touch of a button (depending on which gadget you are using), you can easily (or sometimes not that easily) find the specific thing you are looking for. No need to drive and queue up the stores, especially for me who is now in my third trimester of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, I bought most of my maternity clothes online.

Now while I was browsing for more maternity clothes online, I came upon a statement shirt that I really loved. You see, statement shirts will do the talking for you, and what is said in this statement shirt is what I really, really want to tell people who take fancy in my baby bump:

Hands off the bump!

Yes, please! My bump is off-limits and there is no other (polite) way of saying this than by wearing this statement shirt. If you know exactly what I mean or are experiencing the same dilemma, follow this link to see where we could get the shirt.

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