wearing UGG has become a fashion in Australia and a native culture of Australia

As the saying goes, as the Romans do, wearing UGG has become a fashion in Australia and a native culture of Australia, and it has become an indispensable artifact for many friends. However, for UGG, you may only know that it is a trademark brand, but it is not. First understand the UGG past and present!


The origin of 1UGG

UGG refers to the Australian sheepskin boots. It originated in the 19th century, but it has become popular among shearers since 1910. The shearers took a small piece of sheepskin from the sheep and used it to cover their feet. They called this Kinds of shoes are ugly boots. In the past, Australian proverbs referred to SHEARERS’ UGLY BOOTS as UGG BOOTS. Because the air force is flying above 10,000 meters and the temperature is extremely low, such boots are very warm. Among them was a photo of the Soviet Air Force wearing a fug during the Second World War. The style is already very much like the current snow boots.

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The correct name for Ugg is “Ah Ger”, which is to remove the “five” of the five elder brothers. Some people think that Ugg is called the evolution of ugly boots; others think it is from the air force’s fug, flying boots.

The Australian Dictionary Macquarie Dictionary 1981 first included the word “ugg boot”, which is a generic term for snow boots.

3UGG’s metamorphosis

In 1978, American surfers came to Australia and saw some local farmers and some workers wearing a hand-cut sheepskin boots on their feet. The upper feet were comfortable and warm, and the locals said. Later, after returning to the United States, the American surfers registered the “UGG” brand in Southern California without permission from the Australian government. They first applied for UGG patents and founded the UGG Australia snow boots brand. Now the “UGG” on the street is popular from this American brand.

4UGG’s answer

In Australia, Australians have been angry with the behavior of Americans, and several UGG hand workshop owners jointly appealed to bring the Americans to court and refused to recognize the UGG Australia brand. These workshops have been rushing in Australia and the United States for many years, and have collected a large amount of historical data to prove that UGG is a native Australian patent, and even moved out of the 1986 edition of the Australian National Dictionary, confirming that the UGG boots term has already been recorded. Until around 2006, UGG Australia and the Australian government reached an agreement that UGG can be used by manufacturers to register, and can also sell their own different brands of snow boots.